Big Geospatial Data on Docker





log fd@2 local2
chroot /var/lib/haproxy
pidfile /var/run/
maxconn 40000
user haproxy
group haproxy
stats socket /var/lib/haproxy/stats expose-fd listeners

timeout connect 100s
timeout client 300s
timeout server 300s
log global
mode http
option httplog

resolvers docker
nameserver docker
resolve_retries 3
timeout resolve 10s
timeout retry 10s
hold other 10s
hold refused 10s
hold nx 10s
hold timeout 10s
hold valid 10s
hold obsolete 10s

backend stat
stats enable
stats uri /stats
stats refresh 15s
stats show-legends
stats show-node

backend backend_web
balance leastconn
option forwardfor
server-template my-web- 1-20 my-web:80 check resolvers docker init-addr libc,none

frontend frontend_web
bind *:80
use_backend stat if { path -i /stats }
default_backend backend_web





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