Road Trips in the UK

Photo of the Jurassic Coast by Paasikivi, CC BY-SA 3.0
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy walked around the center of empty Kyiv on 9 April 2022, CC0

London Flowers

If you are staying in London and want to experience the city and the area around, and don’t want to take long drives you could search for London as your destination. In Curiosio it’s called a Destination trip, we like to call it a Flower trip. Take a look to grasp why.

Round Trip in the North

Take a travel story that you like and customize it to the trip plan you need. Let’s take a classic trip often called North Coast 500. Assuming we want this trip for 7 days. We are opening the Signature Trip from the carousel of the famous trips, hit the [Supertrip] button, change the search parameters — specifically to 7 days and 4 travelers, clear the budget, and keep My Car. One of the proposed trip plans is embedded below:

Quirky Road Trip in the UK

Once one of us spotted this road trip on the web. Our initial reaction was to laugh at it. Then, we decided to test the density of our Knowledge Graph in the UK and tried to make a trip plan through these points with the driving route and the itinerary. Other weird points and places along the route were appreciated.

‘The perfect British road trip’ (link)

Ingeenee Upgrade

Curiosio is running on top of the AI engine Ingeenee. We improved Ingeenee in the scope of Visual UK. Newer Ingeenee is now empowering all the countries present in Curiosio. For the UK we also extended the Knowledge Graph. The extension of the KG has led to some inaccuracy of what belongs to what. We are going to improve the data together with the next releases of Curiosio.

Ingeenee within Stonehenge. Original photo by steve p2008, CC BY 2.0

Curiosio Beta18 Progress

Curiosio Beta18 is still in the works. Design & Plans were announced in early June 2022. A few pieces of the new version are present together with the Visual UK release. Some of them are visible, some are not visible but must be emotional or visceral.

My Trips will be a Netflix of your trips. — Vas Mylko

Invisible pieces are related to pre-search context — configuration of the lazy search when you don’t set search parameters. Invisible pieces are also related to post-search context — when you are presented with the search results. You are getting a list of trip plans as a visual interactive carousel. All this was aimed to help you discover and learn the possibilities and discover the opportunities in your trip planning.



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