Four Years Full-Time

Source code commits since April 1st, 2018

Where We Are Now

Curiosio is getting into shape. The best Curiosio version is available at (though we threw the war awareness text on top of the landing page without any design, sorry about that). We recommend you plan your interesting road trips in the United States, Italy, France because these countries were visualized. The visualization concept is pretty much curious itself. You could check out the making story about our thinking and design.

  • Serendipity. Interesting things are happening when planning. Interesting things are happening en route.
  • Smartness. Curiosio is powered by Ingeenee — the most intelligent [in the world] AI engine for road trip creation. You are learning every time when using Curiosio.

Roadmap From Now

We have a great road map for the consumer product, organically converging to the thing that people love. Here we will briefly outline a few next planned versions. Unfortunately, we cannot promise any dates because of the war. We genuinely want to bring Curiosio to the level of the absolutely smartest and the most beautiful travel guide, but the war has already disrupted the process.

Wireframe with user-generated trip plans
Lonely Planet and Frommer’s from our paper collection
Automatic visualization of the trip plan in Italy



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