Facelift: Smart Perimeter

Sardinia with adaptive visualization of See & Do

Distribution of See & Do

There are two approaches how to communicate where the sightseeing places and experiences are concentrated. We made them as togglers: only one could be on, both could be off.

The Earth Orbits You

This is a Traveler-centered visualization of See & Do in any given area. If you are in Paris then Eiffel Tower will be highlighted to attract your attention. But what if you are in the middle of Nebraska or the Ukrainian steppe? Curiosio warps the sightseeing relief around you to tell you where the stuff is in slightly exaggerated form.

Traveler-centered visualization of See & Do

The Earth Orbits the Sun

Map-centered visualization is useful at a large scale. We tried to make the countries look the same or similar on the large scale. As a side effect, we got some gaps at the close-up to the city district scale. This will be improved sometime in the future when we prioritize this as high. There is a good reference implementation for big cities by AVUXI.

Map-centered visualization of See & Do

Destination & Environs Resolution

For Destination trips, the useful map resolution level is tens of miles (and tens of kilometers). The max resolution is ~100–150 miles (150–250 kilometers). We consider the “Flower” case as very relevant for islands. Maybe even more relevant than for the continental trips. This must be measured, but we already got this information from the domain professionals.

The “width” of Sardinia island by Google Maps

In-Situ Resolution

At a resort/city/town/village level zoom in to the real resolution is becoming turn-by-turn navigation. Here are our mockups since the conceptualization of Curiosio. They show a concept of Smart Compass, which is nothing else than the adaptive visual communication of the places and attractions related to your location. It’s The Earth Orbits You at the max zoom.


Big version Beta15 codenamed “Flower Trips” will be next. It will build cool daily routes around your destination. Automatically the area of interest will be defined by the smart perimeter. You will be able to set your own points anywhere, and Curiosio will build the special plans for your special case.



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