Facelift: Fine-Tuning Framework


Curiosio is working like an answering engine. If you have never tried Curiosio then you should know it’s working like googling. You are asking for what you know and want. Seeing the search results. Learning something new. Grasping what the system can do. Asking more narrowly. Repeating until you form a laser-focused request and get you the most valuable trip plan.

Diagram of some fine-tuning cases

Weak human + machine + better process was superior to a strong computer alone and, more remarkably, superior to a strong human + machine + inferior process.

— Garry Kasparov

Curiosio + Traveler are smarter together than Curiosio alone or Traveler alone. Curiosio is going to understand eventually your interests, intentions, emotions. But it’s you and only you who possess the unpredictable information, that you can enter into the system, and get much smarter trip plans in your personal context.


As there are two places where geographical points are present — the textual search form and the map with a route — a click/tap on the same point must lead to the same options. Clicks on point-tags in the search box must open the fine-tuning form. Clicks on the points on the route must open the same fine-tuning form. Below is an initial framework for the fine-tuning options.

Fine-Tuning from the Map

When you click/tap on a point on the route you will trigger the appearance of the balloon with the name of the point and a hamburger menu entry point. Click on the point name will navigate you to the English Wikipedia or Atlas Obscura (or OpenStreetMaps in some countries). Click on the ☰ will open the fine-tuning form.

Fine-Tuning from the Text

If you know something relevant upfront — go ahead and tell the system about your interests, intentions, commitments on the search form. Click/tap on the point-tags to open the fine-tuning form, and finely tune that point. Repeat for other points if needed.


For now, we only conceptualized the fine-tuning at the level for points (cities, towns, parks). Many options are not implemented yet. They are marked with ‘Not implemented yet’ labels. Design takes time. We spent much more time thinking and groping it than coding it. Most probably we will add some other fine-tuning options. Some options could depend on each other. We will measure the interaction and decide which functions to implement first.



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