Facelift: Search Form

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

On the way to the “Flower” trips, we got to redesign Curiosio, its search form. We wanted to keep the form neat and clean… but this didn’t work. The first reason — many people couldn’t figure out how to master multiple points in that single text box. The second reason — the destination point in the “Flower” trips will work differently from the home point on the Round trips.

Curiosio Search Form

Now there are three tabs to start with: Round trip, One-way trip, “Flower” trip. Maybe we will rename the Flower into Destination. We will see.

Round Trip

Select the “Round trip” tab. You are starting and finishing at the same point. Hence, there is only one field to enter that point. In the example below, we assume a traveler begins and ends in London. The traveler wants to visit Birmingham, Milton Keynes, and Silverstone on this journey. Those three waypoints are entered into a separate field.

How to plan a round trip in the United Kingdom

One-way Trip

If you are renting a car, picking it up at one location, and dropping it off at another location, then select the “One-way trip” tab. There will be two dedicated fields for the starting point and finishing point. Below is an example for a traveler that begins in Boston and ends in Miami. The traveler wants to visit the Great Smoky Mountains, Virginia Beach, and Orlando on the way. Those three travel-through points must be entered into a separate field.

How to plan a one-way trip in the United States

If the traveler wants to stay in Orlando for several days then this will be possible to fine-tune via the context menu for the Orlando point. Click the point-tag in the field (or on the route over the map) and fine-tuning form will open; scroll to the Duration section and enter the number of days. This is not implemented yet.

“Flower” Trip

Another name for this type of journey is a Destination trip. You are booking a property and staying there for the whole duration of the trip. You are exploring the point where you are staying and you are discovering its environs. It’s possible to define the waypoints of interest. E.g. in France, a user is staying at Saint-Tropez. The user wants to visit many cool points that she knows: Cannes, Antibes, Menton, La Turbie, Nice, and mini-country Monaco. Saint-Tropez must be entered as a destination; all other points must be entered as travel-thru ones.

How to plan a destination trip in France

“I’m flexible”

We introduced a new option called “I’m flexible”. When you are taking a trip you like and changing it to your needs you may be flexible with some requirements. Select “I’m flexible” from dropdowns, and from Perimeter view.

[Supertrip] function with “I’m flexible” tricks


Next will be a facelift of the graphical part of Curiosio— map, route, itinerary, etc. Stay tuned and always follow your curiosity.



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