Design & Plans for Curiosio v18

An animated map of the invasion from 24 February to 2 June (link)


We are building the smartest search & answering engine for travelers. It is called Curiosio because it is embracing the mental process of the curious travelers. Follow your curiosity. Always follow your curiosity to see all places of the world [on the planet Earth] during your lifetime.

Economy class on the planes is becoming more and more frugal. Road cars are becoming more and more comfortable. The future of travel is inside the gadget.

Different travelers have different resources or capabilities of how much time or money they can allocate for travel. Curiosio is building the best possible experience in any requirements and constraints. You can create an interesting trip plan from scratch by the perimeter of interest, points/places, days, and budget. You can take other travelers’ trips and augment them by points, time, or money to your liking. You are asking Curiosio what you want and Curiosio is teaching you what is possible.

Google Trips experiment since 2018

Scope of v18

Humans with AI are smarter than humans alone and smarter than AI alone. Ever watched Terminator 2: Judgment Day? The deep idea is that humans with T-800 outsmarted T-1000 alone. We are continuing the analogy — travelers with AI are getting more experience than travelers alone, or travelers fully relying on machine/algorithm.

Introducing the second carousel of trip plans

Conceptually it’s two feedback loops: User Loop with AI inside and AI Loop with Users inside.

Travelers-AI Loop

Release Schedule of v18

Most probably we will release the major version without social mechanics. There will be a second carousel of trip plans for several select countries.

What’s Next

There is a backlog. Here are some high-level areas from the backlog.

  • Specify extra travel-through places to stay longer in the city or park.
  • Set custom perimeter. Shape the perimeter to the extremes by shaping the browser window.
  • Export to Google Maps and do fine-tuning there. Use Google Maps for navigation.



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