Curiosio Beta17: Visual & Beautiful


The first visualized country is the United States. We will demo for you short Round trips by your own car. We will introduce how serendipity occurs when you are genuinely following your curiosity. The direct link to the curious US is

NYC-Poconos Road Trip

We are New Yorkers. We are going to the Poconos for a few days. Mount Pocono town is a point that we know and use to start off. In Curiosio, select the United States page, Round trip, enter New York City as the starting (and ending point), enter Mount Pocono as a waypoint, set 4 travelers, 3 days.

Trip plan for NYC-Poconos road trip

Boston-Maine Road Trip

I am a Bostonian, going for a short road trip in my Tesla S to Cape Elizabeth. Two of us are going. We would like to visit more cool points and places in the vicinity. Below is what Curiosio proposes in these requirements, one trip plan is open for preview.

Road trip Boston-Cape Elizabeth via Cushing

Curiosio is about curiosity & serendipity. You are traveling by following your curiosity, and experiencing serendipity.

Christina’s World is a 1948 painting by American painter Andrew Wyeth in Cushing, Maine. It is present in the 1968 science fiction novel 2001: A Space Odyssey written by Arthur C. Clarke, hanging on the living room wall to which the astronaut David Bowman is transported after passing through the Star Gate:

Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth

Austin-Boca Chica Road Trip

Alright, looks like we are into the cosmos now. Let’s have a look at what the new Curiosio can do in the scenario described in the Beta16 making story. You are an Austinite. You are planning a road trip to the edge of the Earth — 21st-century spaceport in Boca Chica called SpaceX Starbase. You are traveling in your own car. My Car option means you are traveling from home, so Austin and its environs are excluded.

We got the rockets \m/
Trip plan for Austin-SpaceX road trip


The second visualized country is France. In France, we will show you the Rental Car option and One-way trip case. And a powerful function how to take somebody’s trip you like and customize it to the trip you need. It’s called Supertrip. The direct link to curious France is

Lyon-Arles-Marseille Road Trip

Remember that second painting hanging on the wall in the Space Odyssey? It was Die Zugbrücke (Drawbridge in Arles) by Vincent van Gogh. Let’s go to Arles in France. You are flying with a low-cost airline. These airlines often don’t operate symmetric flights or don’t operate them on daily basis. You have 5 days and you are looking for the flying options yourself. So, you are flying to Lyon and leaving back from Marseilles. You rent a car, with pick up in Lyon and drop off in Marseille. Rental Car means Curiosio will offer you See & Do at the starting point and its environs.

Search form for a road trip in France from Lyon to Marseille via Arles
Trip plan for road trip via Arles with van Gogh’s bridge

Road Trip in the South of France

There is a famous local and a New Yorker Fabrice Grinda who outlined Things to do in the South of France. Curiosio has a signature trip based on those points. Let’s take that trip and customize it to include van Gogh’s places. All you need to do it to hit a red [Supertrip] button in the signature trip plan and the search form will be pre-filled for you automatically. Then, you add more points, set your dates, travelers, etc.

Road trip in the South of France


The third country that was visualized is Italy. Let’s run a few road trip planning cases in Italy. We will show/remind you how to use Perimeter. We will show you a couple of Destination trips because use cases in the US and France were either Round trips or One-way trips. The direct link to curious Italy is

Milan-Sacra di Saint Michele Road Trip

This time we are traveling from Milan to the West. We want to visit Sacra di San Michele — the monumental abbey served as one of the inspirations for the book The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. It is going to be a Round trip, Rental Car, Custom Perimeter.

Custom Perimeter in the West of Italy
Road trip from Milan in the West of Italy

Naples Road Trip

The first Destination trip use case will be demonstrated with Naples. You are flying to Naples and leaving from Naples, 2 travelers, with 6 days of stay there. You want a car to explore the environs such as Pompeii, Capri, so you are selecting the Rental Car option. Below are examples (link, link) of the trip plans in this context.

Destination trips to Naples with Pompeii and Capri

Florence Road Trip

Our final destination in the making story of Visual Beta17 of Curiosio will be Florence. You are flying to Florence and leaving from Florence and staying/sleeping in Florence. You are exploring your options for See & Do in Florence and for roadtripping its environs. Here are the search results, one trip plan is open for preview.

Destination trip to Florence with UFO in Palazzo Vecchio

One more thing…

In a trip plan, when you encounter a travel geek with rich reflections in the glasses then you’d better be sure you hit it right while clicking/tapping!



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