Curiosio Beta17: Visual & Beautiful


NYC-Poconos Road Trip

Trip plan for NYC-Poconos road trip

Boston-Maine Road Trip

Road trip Boston-Cape Elizabeth via Cushing

Curiosio is about curiosity & serendipity. You are traveling by following your curiosity, and experiencing serendipity.

Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth

Austin-Boca Chica Road Trip

We got the rockets \m/
Trip plan for Austin-SpaceX road trip


Lyon-Arles-Marseille Road Trip

Search form for a road trip in France from Lyon to Marseille via Arles
Trip plan for road trip via Arles with van Gogh’s bridge

Road Trip in the South of France

Road trip in the South of France


Milan-Sacra di Saint Michele Road Trip

Custom Perimeter in the West of Italy
Road trip from Milan in the West of Italy

Naples Road Trip

Destination trips to Naples with Pompeii and Capri

Florence Road Trip

Destination trip to Florence with UFO in Palazzo Vecchio

One more thing…




geek travel

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geek travel

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