Curiosio Beta16: Travel-through POIs

Curious traveler en route thru waypoints

Road trip to Boca Chica

You are an Austinite. You are planning a road trip to the edge of the Earth — 21st-century Spaceport in Boca Chica called Starbase. It is also called SpaceX Starbase, SpaceX South Texas Launch Site, “Starbase” Texas, Boca Chica Spaceport. There is also Boca Chica Village, Boca Chica area… Until Curiosio Beta16 you would have to enter the name of the community Boca Chica Village, Texas. Now, you can enter the famous star place by its multiple alternative names coming to your mind. The star place is still a bit rural…

Starships SN15 and SN16, and Tiki Bar at Starbase by Lars Plougmann, CC BY-SA 2.0
Created trip plans

Road trip to Starbase in Tesla

It’s good for morale and karma to drive or ride your Tesla to the SpaceX Starbase. In the US, Curiosio allows you to plan and take road trips in your Tesla. You can take a trip plan that you like and change it to your needs. Let’s take the one from the previous case and augment it to 4 travelers, Tesla, and keep duration empty to see multiple options.

My Tesla car option
Created trip plans for Tesla car option

Road trip to Big Bend via Meteor Craters

You were planning a road trip from Austin, TX to the Big Bend National Park for a while. You were aware of the Odessa Meteor Crater somewhere in the area, and you were already planning to visit it as a waypoint of the trip. Recently you watched the Don’t Look Up movie and it made you think big — instead of the ending of life on Earth, you started to think about the starting of life on Earth.

Big Bend National Park
Planning a road trip to Big Bend
Loop from Austin to Big Bend

What Else

Two more news to announce with this release:

  1. Search for points and places, including alternative names.
Travel-through points and places for Destination trips

What’s Next

The major release will be Curiosio Beta17. Overall, these two simultaneous big tasks are next:

  1. Visual: all trip plans with photos and panoramas of the points & places.
Photos and panoramas in the Great Lakes road trip plan

Release Notes

Also, we introduced a line of brand new bugs with Destination and One-Way trips. They are related to the current ongoing work on knowledge graph technology. Though they are visual [affect routing] we hope you will not notice any until we fix them in the nearest future.



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