Curiosio Beta15: Destination Trips


Beautiful things work better. We believe that beautiful aircraft fly better, beautiful car rides better. Beautiful routes & itineraries give you better emotions, better emotions build stronger memories. Aren’t these beautiful routes resembling the flowers?

User Experience

UX remains a thin layer over the advanced AI engine Ingeenee working behind the scenes, crunching the NP-Complete math. For you Curiosio is a web app, working in Chrome, Chromium browsers. Maybe it is working in Safari but we did not test it. It is working in mobile DuckDuckGo with minor visual layout/alignment issues. We suggest you use Chrome or Chromium, the latest two versions.

Use Case 1

For the first use case, we are going to Boston, MA as the destination. Assuming that 2 travelers going to Boston for 5 days and want a quirky Obscure trip. Obscure means that Curiosio will propose places from Atlas Obscura if they are available in the area and other similar See & Do. Here is an example trip plan in those requirements:

Planning an Obscure Road Trip in Boston and its Environs

Use Case 2

For the second use case, we are going on the island Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. Let’s set Dorgali as the destination, we will stay/sleep there. And we will set the custom perimeter — e.g. we want to include the top of Sardinia in our journey. This time we prefer the Curious theme [to avoid scary temples or witchcraft]. Here is an example trip plan in those requirements:

Planning a Curious Road Trip on Sardinia


There are some know issues with this release.

Next Steps

  • Facelift. Maybe two facelifts.
  • Fine-tuning UI. The concept is ready, the implementation is pending.
  • Higher data resolution via OSM data source.
  • Introduce [Daily Plan] for Round Trip and One-Way Trip?
  • Introduce Destination Signature Trips?



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