by Roman Bilusyak, Vas Mylko

Overtourism was harmful to the destinations. It suddenly seized to exist. The world will never be the same again. COVID-19 outbreak cemented the point of no return. Life is postponed for a bit, but travel will be back. The rise of independent travel has been expected and now is the moment. There are so many cool spots on our planet, so many possibilities. There is no need to mimic others en masse. Future travel will be smarter, safer, independent.

Independence & Health

In mass transport, you are one in hundreds. You sit with other passengers, you breathe the same air for hours. Infections mostly spread from person to person. The more contact you have with people, the greater the likelihood you are exposing yourself to infection. Beware of closed space only and don’t worry in the fresh air. Link.

On the Route

Besides that, we noticed that users were expecting the higher density of the automatically proposed points. Additionally to the current itinerary, users asked for the points on the route, without breaking down to See & Do. They want to decide themselves how to drive, where to stop, for how long. This is high flexibility and more independence.

Below are three real-life cases to demonstrate how new Curiosio improved.

Long Distance in Several Days

# points, first is start, last is finish
New York City
Kansas City, Kansas
Las Vegas
# constraints

Previous version proposed only long journeys with fat points, could not make itinerary for 6 days. New version can do that distance for 6 days, proposes both fat and slim points. Slim points are called “on the route”. Take a look mainly at the headers for comparison.

Old version on the left struggling to make it in 6 days

More Captivating Route, More Points “On the Route”

# constraints
# points
Astoria, Oregon
Big Sur
Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
San Diego
Previous version vs. “On the Route” version
14 previous points vs. 24 new points

Planning On the Route

Palm Beach, Florida
Old version (min 6 days, without New Orleans) vs. New sharp version
New version has points with See & Do, and points just “on the route”


We are still working on the travel knowledge graph (ETA in May or so). There must be higher density and higher quality of the points and places. There will be classic and freaky points and places. There will be a lot of nature. This knowledge graph must work well for ad hoc geofencing and be themed.


Several months ago one VC said the road travel market was not big enough. That was how the world worked. How the world will work? The last sentence is the same as in Curiosio Play post. Though we are thinking about multi-modal transportation periodically, now we are focused on the road trips.

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