by Vas Mylko

This post is about the further design of Curiosio — the smartest and coolest road trip planner for the new world. There are a few versions ahead of us until the level of smartness and coolness is what we and travelers want.

User Voice

Since the public release of…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Hey curious travelers, today we are releasing Curiosio Beta15 for you! It is called Destination Trips. The code name was “Flower” Trips because their daily routes are looking like the petals of the flower. …

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

This is a second facelift towards Beta15 aka “Flower” Trips. Initially, we added OpenStreetMap data to enrich See & Do at the street level resolution, the result was Curious Ukraine. Then we made the first facelift by redesigning the Search Form to introduce different types…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

On the way to the “Flower” trips, we got to redesign Curiosio, its search form. We wanted to keep the form neat and clean… but this didn’t work. The first reason — many people couldn’t figure out how to master multiple points in that single…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Hey curious travelers, we have installed our AI engine Ingeenee in Ukraine. The result is Curious Ukraine —the smartest road trip planner for Ukraine. You can create cool multi-point journeys in the desired area for the required number of days & budget. …

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

We are working on the flowers. “Flower” is a new topology of the route that Curiosio will be creating for travelers. People are telling us that it’s more important to do fewer check-ins rather than visiting more attractions & POIs in the area. Especially the…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Geeky travelers and traveling geeks! Today, we are releasing the functional road trip planner for Tesla owners. You can select My Tesla as a car option for the United States, enter the starting and finishing points, desired-required waypoints between them, dates, budget, theme, and Curiosio

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

This post is a continuation of Tesla Road Trips, Part 1. Today we are describing our progress of deeper integration with the mother site and the corresponding Tesla-related UX at

Stations vs. Census Points & Parks

In our database, we have all Tesla Superchargers and Destination Chargers, and compatible…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

We are integrating Curiosio with Tesla. You will be able to follow your curiosity in the Tesla car. Curiosio philosophy is different from the planner where you are just hopping between the stations. Curiosio is not about the chargers with some interesting points in…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

We implemented several visible and non-visible things. All they are focused on practicality and usability. Among them: perimeter, user’s fine-tuning, variety of trip plans.


Our Lab version showed the active Perimeter, while the Production version did not. We thought it would overwhelm a user. During…


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