by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Travelers, welcome to Curiosio. Today, we are releasing Bolivia for you. Bolivia concludes our digital journey in South America. After the release of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and now Bolivia, we are switching focus elsewhere — most probably Scandinavia or the entire Nordics… Now, enjoy Bolivia!

Ingeenee overlooking Salar de Uyuni. Original photo by Sifan Liu, CC0

Bolivia is Special, Top Gear Special

“Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are dropped deep in the Bolivian rainforest armed only with three shabby 4x4s, which they bought from the local small ads for a maximum of £3,500 each.” BBC.

“What follows is one of their most extraordinary journeys. They attempt to drive from…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Today we are releasing Peru for curious travelers. “Nazca lines, Palpa flat-topped mountains, stargate Aramu Muru always thrilled me” — Vas recalls. Modern science says that Nazca lines and figures are sacred sites where people of the desert prayed for the rain 1500 years ago. But many modern people tend to believe in flying over the desert, runways and landing pads built by the aliens from space, teleportation at Aramu Muru

Ingeenee overlooking Machu Picchu. Original photo by dev2r, CC BY-SA 2.0

With Curiosio you are searching for the best possible trip plan for your requirements and desires in the astronomically enormous solution space. It is…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak, Randal Olson

We started full-time on the 1st of April 2018 with the mission to build Curiosio — the smartest travel guide. We are recreating the mental process of a traveler, building machine empathy that is feeling the traveler. Curiosio is a high-tech startup.

The mission is hard but possible according to the progress we have made. We already released 12 beta versions (11 public, 1 private) and API. Currently, we are working on the public beta13 that will have cool themes.

Geographical Coverage

As of today, we released 17+ countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, United…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Curiosio is expanding in South America. After Brazil and Argentina, we are releasing Chile. The more we are dealing with the South American continent the more we are loving it! And it is not only because of dramatic natural scenery or ancient civilizations…

Ingeenee overlooking Paranal Observatory. Original photo by Centro Científico Tecnológico de Valparaíso, CC0

To ensure our knowledge graph for Chile is dense enough and of high quality, we took inspiration from several cool travel stories and made them interactive. The links to the original travel stories are present right after the short excerpts. …

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Les Enfants du capitaine Grant

“When I was a kid I liked adventure and sci-fi novels by Jules Verne. One of them was Les Enfants du capitaine Grant. Direct translation to English: The Children of Captain Grant. I read it in Russian: Дети капитана Гранта. There was Soviet-Bulgarian 7 episodes TV series adaptation: В поисках капитана Гранта, filmed in 1986 in Odesa/Ukraine and Sofia/Bulgaria. I remember a lot of Argentina there…” — Vas recalls.

Frontispiece of the original edition

Only the latitude of 37 degrees was known from the damaged paper from the bottle from the stomach of the shark. The expedition would have to…

by Vas Mylko

Last week was terrible. Black terrible. Recently we experienced an avalanche of very different issues. As a result, we didn’t notice that the search at was not working well for all countries except Brazil. Only when one persistent user tried a dozen of searches I noticed that 80% of them failed, in the context that had to work rock solid.

Black Square by Kazimir Malevich

Networking. Somewhere during the recent issue at AWS with internal load balancing, we experienced another unknown issue with incoming TCP traffic. There were unpredictable interruptions of the traffic via the channel that we “optimized” for performance…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Curiosio is expanding to South America. The first country we are releasing on top of the newest Beta12 is being Brazil. Brazil is huge, rich in sightseeing and activities. Everything can be found in Brazil — from dramatic Iguazu Falls and Christ the Redeemer Art Deco statue to favela and Amazonia with questioned roads, from aircraft manufacturer and soccer to naked carnival and endless beaches…

You can jump to Brazil right away and give it a try, but we suggest to continue reading, to see how we implemented it and learn something new as we…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

We applied some facelift to Curiosio. It should improve your interaction.


For click interface, you will see the country names turning magenta-red on mouseover. This indicates to you that the block is clickable. Click it and you will land on a search page for the country. Though almost everything in Curiosio is clickable/interactive we are highlighting only the most important spots.

For the touch interface, you will see the color change on tap and long tap. Tap will open a search page for the country. Long tap allows a few more options, like opening a…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Hey fellow travelers who want to travel the world, who understands that there is only one planet [until it’s only two], one life, and only two scarce resources to spend — time and money. Today, two months after the release of Beta11, we are releasing smarter and nicer Beta12 for you. You will get a better experience for your time and money in any geography. You could jump to the new version right away at

It is better to continue reading, to grasp our thinking process, and see what we wanted to tell you…

by Vas Mylko, Roman Bilusiak

Fresh from the Lab testing — Curious India. In this post, we will describe what and how we tested in India to ensure the quality is high. If we road-tripped in India right now — we would use Curiosio to create cool trip plans.

Ingeenee installed in Khajuraho. Original photo by Purnendu Singh, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Indian Variety

This is a journey by Curiosio Originals. We wanted to make a trip plan with rich Indian spirituality, information technology, Himalayas, Indian tea, and reach to the water.

The starting point is Lucknow. 40 ha IT City is planned by the state government as a special economic zone, which is expected…


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